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Frederich Klenner defines an orthomolecular treatment of MS that has been effectively employed by Dale Humpherys and other patients.
(For Humpherysí report, see his article in the December 2005 issue of the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients.)
Keywords: Klenner, protocol, MS, multiple, sclerosis, nerve, pathology, vitamin b, metabolites, orthomolecular, peripheral Response of Peripheral and Central Nerve Pathology to Mega-Doses of the Vitamin B-Complex and Other Metabolites by Frederich R. Klenner, BS, MS, MD Journal of Applied Nutrition, 1973 The protocol of how to effectively treat Multiple Sclerosis. (In two parts, as originally published in 1973.)


The Health Organization Founded by Dr. Rath is Unique in the World: All the Profits it Makes Go to a Non-profit foundation....Multiple Sclerosis "Oxidative stress in patients with multiple sclerosis" Syburra C; Passi S, Ukr Biokhim Zh 1999 May-Jun;71(3):112-5: In conclusion, the blood of patients with MS shows the signs of a significant oxidative stress. The possibility of counteracting it by antioxidant administration plus an appropriate diet, might represent a promising way of inhibiting the progression of the disease. Antioxidant supplements should include not only GSH repleting agents, but also Vit. E, ubiquinol, and selenium.


"High prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and reduced bone mass in multiple sclerosis" Nieves J; Cosman F; Herbert J; Shen V; Lindsay R, Neurology 1994 Sep;44(9):1687-92


"High Dose Antioxidant Supplementation to MS Patients: Effects on Glutathione Peroxidase, Clinical Safety, and Absorption of Selenium" Mai, Jesper, et al, Biological Trace Element Research, 1990;24:109-117


"Homocysteine and Vitamin B12 in Multiple Sclerosis" Baig, Shahid, M. and Qureshi, G. Ali, Biogenic Amines, 1995;11(6):479-485.


This broadcast is in French, try to translate, Jacqueline Lagace is very qualified. You Tube:Jacqueline Lagacé à Denis Lévesque (20 juin 2011, 1 de 5) Sa livre Comment J'ai Vaincu La Douleur Et L'Imflammation Chronique Par L'alimentation


Nutrition and Metabolism: Review Role of carnitine in disease Judith L Flanagan* 1 , Peter A Simmons 2 , Joseph Vehige 2 , Mark DP Willcox 1,3 and Qian Garrett 1,3


Multiple Sclerosis natural treatment, vitamins, herbs, supplements, alternative therapy and remedy by Ray Sahelian, M.D. ....Natural treatment for multiple sclerosis MS At this point it is very difficult to know with any certainty which supplements, in what dosages, and in what combination (s) would be helpful for multiple sclerosis, if at all. We also have little idea how these supplements interact with medicines currently used for multiple sclerosis. My aim is to just mention the research regarding the role some nutrients may play in this condition. If you have MS, make your doctor aware of some of these preliminary studies, and perhaps he or she would want to monitor you while you give them a try. There is no definite proof yet that these supplements will help. Much more research is needed before natural options are considered. It is possible that someone's condition may get worse by stopping their existing medicines and using natural supplements exclusively. It is also possible that certain natural supplements may lead to a slight reduction of the necessary pharmaceutical medication dosage. If you do plan to use these supplements, keep the dosages low at first until you have a grasp on how they are influencing your condition or whether they are interfering or improving the actions of the pharmaceutical medicines.


Mayo Clinic: Acetyl-L-carnitine: Can it relieve MS fatigue? I've read that the dietary supplement acetyl-L-carnitine may reduce fatigue in multiple sclerosis. Is this true? Answer from Jerry W. Swanson, M.D.........Acetyl-L-carnitine is a form of L-carnitine, an amino acid that is found in nearly all cells of the body. L-carnitine plays a critical role in the production of energy from long-chain fatty acids. In addition, it increases the activity of certain nerve cells in the central nervous system.


DIRECT-MS: Welcome to the DIRECT-MS Website In 1995 my son received the devastating diagnosis of MS. Having been a research scientist for 30 years, I decided to plunge into the scientific literature for MS to determine the most likely factors which cause MS and to use this information to develop an effective therapy for my son. Notably, many people are having great success in halting or greatly slowing MS with nutritional strategies; many Testimonials are available. I am most pleased to report that my son remains in excellent health with no MS symptoms. I discovered abundant scientific evidence that indicates that various nutritional factors potentially play major roles in the onset and progression of MS. Strangely, this information was not being made available to persons with MS by doctors nor by established MS charities., Jan 23, 2010, Vitamin supplements may help multiple sclerosis: The Food and Drug Administration on Jan 22 said it has approved Ampyra, an experimental drug made by Acorda Therapeutics, to improve walking ability for those afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Sclerosis Resoure Center: Here are some vitamin supplements you may want to consider taking in general. Multiple Sclerosis is a very individual illness so each person will differ in nutritional deficiencies.







MAP-Canada does not advocate a particular cause of Crohn's disease.  Our website is intended only to present evidence.  Our readers may draw their own conclusions.  We are not medical specialists and do not offer any treatment or nutritional advice.  Our mission is not to lay blame on any individual or industry, but rather to urge the Government of Canada to address the evidence presented on this site.

Mise au Point:
MAP-Canada ne recommande aucune théorie particulière sur la cause de la maladie de Crohn.L'intente de notre site Web est simplement de présenter certaineévidence mais vous pouvez arriver à vos propres conclusions.Nous ne pouvons donner de conseils de nature médicale ou alimentaire. Notre mission ne consiste aucunement à blâmer un individuou une industrie mais
plutôt à s'assurer que le Gouvernement du Canada aborde l'évidence que nous présenton



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